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What are the Top Qualities of the Best Betting Sites?

Online gambling has really caught on with the masses, and there are countless reasons for the popularity of betting websites. The convenience of playing whenever wherever, the ease of signing up, lower expenses, massive discounts and signup bonuses etc are some of the top reasons why people love to bet online. However, some websites are regarded as simply better than others.

Find out about some of the top qualities of the best betting sites:

  • Signing bonuses

The best ones offer massive joining bonuses at the time of signup, in order to attract new players. These websites have many players joining in all the time, and can afford the huge bonuses. Most of the best betting sites are backed by big firms with big money. You can also get sportsbook bonuses, which are additions to the actual money that you deposit on the website.

  • Licensed

The best betting sites are usually …

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Vegas Update: Long Term NBA Futures Bets — Miami Heat 3-Peat??

If you’re anything like me (and hopefully you’re not), then you get a bit irked and bored this time of year from the lack of quality sports action. Yea the Olympics carry us through a few weeks here in February once every four years, and it’ll be nice to wake up at 7:30am this weekend to see the U.S. Men’s hockey team in action out in Sochi, but I need more to carry me through the day. The break in Flyers action and keeping tabs on how many points the Sixers get blown out by on a nightly basis (they’ve lost 8 in a row) just isn’t quite cutting it for me. All of the tips we’ve listed here have actually been written by a fellow fan, one of the guys (Jamie) which is a site dedicated to reviews and exclusive free bets for the UK’s best betting sites.

What’s …

A Legend Retires

This past Saturday, March 1st 2014, the Philadelphia 76ers officially retired Allen Iverson’s #3 jersey. This was undoubtedly one of the most emotional nights that this city has been through in quite some time. I was lucky enough to witness this historic event in person, so I will attempt to relay to you the feelings and emotions that were felt inside of the Wells Fargo Center that Saturday night. Words simply cannot describe how one felt physically being at the event, but I will try my best to do so.

Allen Iverson’s #3 jersey was officially retired by the Sixers on Saturday, March 1st, 2014

The actual jersey retirement ceremony was at halftime, so there was plenty of suspense leading up to the event. The stadium was packed (almost a sellout), with die-hard Sixers fans claiming their Allen Iverson bobbleheads, rubber ducks, or gumbies, all of which were being …

Philadelphia 76ers Mock Draft: Our Sixers Trio Projects Hinkie’s Seven 2014 Draft Picks

We here at 3D Philly Sports understand the pain and suffering of our fellow Philly fans. Watching the Sixers play right now is just painful. Yeah yeah, it’s for a good cause down the road, but nobody should have to watch the Byron Mullens show. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy right now.

So the Sixers trio, Michael Rozanski, Jacob Fischer and yours truly, Randy Jobst, bring you a sneak peak at part of the Sixers glorious offseason with a two-round Sixers mock draft. This mock is intended to show you two things, where the Sixers could be picking and who they could be picking. Remember if Mike(WinlessForWiggins) doesn’t take Andrew Wiggins, you have to berate him on twitter. Twitter accounts must be taken 100 percent seriously!

1st Round, 2nd Overall  (pick 1-14 will be determined by a lottery)

Mike: Andrew Wiggins F/Kansas- You can’t go wrong …

10 Possible Draft Prospects Who Could Replace DeSean Jackson

DeSean Jackson has played his final game in a Philadelphia Eagles jersey. I have read enough reports over the last week to believe that head coach Chip Kelly doesn’t want DeSean to be a part of this team any longer. Why he might feel that way is still unknown. We know DeSean held out for part of training camp in 2011 and asked for more money immediately after the 2013 season. We also know that he is a cocky s.o.b. who doesn’t always put the team first.

More than likely the real reason Chip wants DeSean is pretty justifiable and won’t be known to the fans for quite some time. For now Eagles fans will need to trust the powers that be, who led this team to the postseason last year following a 4-12 2012 campaign.

Instead of breaking down every single bleeping DeSean Jackson report that has come about …

Fact or Fiction: Flyers Contenders? Desean Jackson Trade? Howard Hit 25HR?

Philadelphia Sports have gotten a little more interesting since the Olympics. The Flyers acquired a defenseman to upgrade the blueline, but does it put them in cup contention? There’s also speculation of a Desean Jackson trade or release, will it happen? Finally the Phillies will be diving in to the regular season in 3 weeks, but will Ryan Howard get back his power stroke or at least hit 25 home runs this season? Dave and Randy tackle the tough one’s this week.

The Andrew MacDonald trade puts the Flyers in cup contention

RANDY JOBST: FACT- The Flyers needed something to cement their playoff seeding and give them a chance once the postseason starts up. I believe Andrew MacDonald is that something. Keep in mind that Steve Mason and Ray Emery are a solid one-two punch at goalie, the forward depth is solid and Claude Giroux is playing like a man …

Very Busy Trade Deadline For the Sixers

We’ve been waiting all season for the trade deadline, and Sixers GM Sam Hinkie did NOT disappoint.

The day started out with Spencer Hawes being sent to the Cavaliers. In return for the big man, the Sixers received F Earl Clark, C Henry Sims and two 2014 second-round picks. For an expiring contract in Hawes, this is a decent return for the Sixers. Clark and Sims are both bench players that will most likely not be back in the 2014-2015 season. The second-rounders may not seem all that great, but they can handy if utilized properly. In this deep draft, talent will still be on the board in the second round. The Sixers could even use them to move around in the draft or package their assets together in another trade (because, you know…Sam Hinkie). Overall, we got something out of a player who would not have been back next …

Sixers Recap: The Tanking Continues

The Sixers (15-43) had two important games this week against teams that are also looking for the ping-pong balls to roll their way in this year’s draft lottery. The absolutely horrible Milwaukee Bucks, who are dead last in the NBA sitting at a measly 11-45, were in town Monday night. It was truly a battle of the tanking teams.

As a Sixers fan, this was probably one of the most painful games to watch. The Bucks came into this game averaging 92.3 points per game and they won

Thaddeus Young and Michael Carter-Williams have the opportunity to shine on this depleted Sixers roster.

the game 130-110. The Sixers played absolutely horrible defense and without any hustle or cohesiveness at all. This is pretty much a whole new roster thrown out on the court, which is somewhat of an excuse for the lack of togetherness on this team, so I’ll give …

How to Assign Blame When the Flyers Allow A Goal in One Easy Flowchart

The Flyers are gearing up for the playoffs, which means many new fans will hop on the bandwagon and root for the team in the postseason.  Are you a new fan worried about being an outcast from the die-hards?  Well worry no more!  Here’s a handy flowchart so new Flyers fans can learn who to assign blame to when the team allows a goal.  Keep in this in your back pocket and you’ll blend in like Nick Grossmann in Shrek 2!



Three Pointer – Ryne Sandberg, Flyers Playoffs, Desean Jackson

The #Jaccpocalypse has finally happened and the Eagles Pro Bowl receiver is now a Washington Redskin.  Just like with Terrell Owens, the Eagles have cut a star wideout in his prime after a career year.  Obviously, Jackson to Washington is squeezing lemon juice into an already open wound and the Eagles won’t easily replace him.  But we’ll get into Desean later, the first thing I wanted to discuss was how Ryne Sandberg managed the Phillies in the first two games of the 2014 season.

  • Playing The Match-ups, But Then Not

The Phillies cranked out 14 runs in their Opening Day victory over the Texas Rangers, but Ryne Sandberg quickly adjusted the lineup the next day with Rangers lefty Martin Perez due to start.  This is an idea I can really get behind, but there’s one crucial aspect Sandberg failed to address.   He benched Cody Asche (.629 OPS in 35 career …