Vegas Update: Long Term NBA Futures Bets — Miami Heat 3-Peat??

If you’re anything like me (and hopefully you’re not), then you get a bit irked and bored this time of year from the lack of quality sports action. Yea the Olympics carry us through a few weeks here in February once every four years, and it’ll be nice to wake up at 7:30am this weekend to see the U.S. Men’s hockey team in action out in Sochi, but I need more to carry me through the day. The break in Flyers action and keeping tabs on how many points the Sixers get blown out by on a nightly basis (they’ve lost 8 in a row) just isn’t quite cutting it for me. All of the tips we’ve listed here have actually been written by a fellow fan, one of the guys (Jamie) which is a site dedicated to reviews and exclusive free bets for the UK’s best betting sites.

What’s …

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2016 Phillies Predictions

The 2016 Phillies get their season underway this afternoon at 2 pm in Arlington with an Opening Day match-up against the Texas Rangers.  There hasn’t been optimism directed towards this Phillies team and many experts are predicting them to be one of baseball’s worst teams.  Does this aging core have anything left in the tank?  Here’s our staff predictions for the 2014 Phillies season.


BEST CASE SCENARIO:  The Phillies pull out 84 wins as every team in the NL East struggles all year long. The Phillies are old, but could put together some lucky runs and squeak into the playoffs as the last wild card spot. Utley, Howard, and Rollins (The League of Extraordinarly (old) Gentleman) put together some solid hitting numbers and carry this team above mediocrity. Honestly, the biggest reason why any of this can happen is the other divisional teams struggling more so than …