Vegas Update

Vegas Update: Long Term NBA Futures Bets — Miami Heat 3-Peat??

If you’re anything like me (and hopefully you’re not), then you get a bit irked and bored this time of year from the lack of quality sports action. Yea the Olympics carry us through a few weeks here in February once every four years, and it’ll be nice to wake up at 7:30am this weekend to see the U.S. Men’s hockey team in action out in Sochi, but I need more to carry me through the day. The break in Flyers action and keeping tabs on how many points the Sixers get blown out by on a nightly basis (they’ve lost 8 in a row) just isn’t quite cutting it for me. All of the tips we’ve listed here have actually been written by a fellow fan, one of the guys (Jamie) which is a site dedicated to reviews and exclusive free bets for the UK’s best betting sites.

What’s …

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