10 Possible Draft Prospects Who Could Replace DeSean Jackson

DeSean Jackson has played his final game in a Philadelphia Eagles jersey. I have read enough reports over the last week to believe that head coach Chip Kelly doesn’t want DeSean to be a part of this team any longer. Why he might feel that way is still unknown. We know DeSean held out for part of training camp in 2011 and asked for more money immediately after the 2013 season. We also know that he is a cocky s.o.b. who doesn’t always put the team first.

More than likely the real reason Chip wants DeSean is pretty justifiable and won’t be known to the fans for quite some time. For now Eagles fans will need to trust the powers that be, who led this team to the postseason last year following a 4-12 2012 campaign.

Instead of breaking down every single bleeping DeSean Jackson report that has come about …

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