How to Assign Blame When the Flyers Allow A Goal in One Easy Flowchart

The Flyers are gearing up for the playoffs, which means many new fans will hop on the bandwagon and root for the team in the postseason.  Are you a new fan worried about being an outcast from the die-hards?  Well worry no more!  Here’s a handy flowchart so new Flyers fans can learn who to assign blame to when the team allows a goal.  Keep in this in your back pocket and you’ll blend in like Nick Grossmann in Shrek 2!



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Three Pointer – Ryne Sandberg, Flyers Playoffs, Desean Jackson

The #Jaccpocalypse has finally happened and the Eagles Pro Bowl receiver is now a Washington Redskin.  Just like with Terrell Owens, the Eagles have cut a star wideout in his prime after a career year.  Obviously, Jackson to Washington is squeezing lemon juice into an already open wound and the Eagles won’t easily replace him.  But we’ll get into Desean later, the first thing I wanted to discuss was how Ryne Sandberg managed the Phillies in the first two games of the 2014 season.

  • Playing The Match-ups, But Then Not

The Phillies cranked out 14 runs in their Opening Day victory over the Texas Rangers, but Ryne Sandberg quickly adjusted the lineup the next day with Rangers lefty Martin Perez due to start.  This is an idea I can really get behind, but there’s one crucial aspect Sandberg failed to address.   He benched Cody Asche (.629 OPS in 35 career …